Central River

Admin ASC 1 Code
Orig. name Central River
Country and Admin Code GM.03 GM

World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II . 2014.

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  • Central River Division — Central River is the largest of the five administrative divisions of The Gambia. Its capital is Janjanbureh (formerly Georgetown), on MacCarthy Island. The largest settlement is Bansang, with a population of 8,500.DistrictsCentral River is… …   Wikipedia

  • Central River Division — Karte Lage der Division in Gambia Central River Basisdaten …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Central River Region — Karte Lage der Region in Gambia Central River Region …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • División Central River — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda La División Central River es la mayor de las cinco divisiones administrativas de Gambia. Su capital es Janjanbureh (antiguamente Georgetown), en la Isla MacCarthy. La mayor población es Bansang, con una población de… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Dobo (Central River Region) — 13.474937930556 14.639607{{{elevation save}}}Koordinaten …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Baro Kunda (Central River Region) — Baro Kunda 13.641751427778 15.3123868{{{elevation save}}}Koordinaten …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Chamen (Central River Region) — Chamen 13.708483122222 15.163426683056{{{elevation save}}}Koordinaten …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Fass (Central River Region) — Fass 13.7953727225 15.073534739167{{{elevation save}}}Koordinaten …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Jakaba (Central River Region) — Jakaba 13.653579888333 14.875569121389{{{elevation save}}}Koordinaten …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Karantaba (Central River Region) — Karantaba 13.569998027222 14.5611573{{{elevation save}}}Koordinaten …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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